It isn’t the lack of fitness level that refrains tourists from reaching the peak of Kilimanjaro, it is altitude sickness! If you want to make it to the peak successfully, it relies more than anything else on how you deal with the altitude on. And how you deal with the altitude isn’t a matter of random luck! There’re actually many things can be done in order to avoid altitude sickness on a Mount Kilimanjaro trekking trip.



  • Acclimatize before the climb. Easier said than done if you reside at sea level, but if you’re able to spend time at high altitude before the actual climb then this’s an ideal way to avoid acute mountain sickness. Climbing Mt Meru before Kili is also a great alternative.
  • Begin the Mt Kilimanjaro trek when you’re enjoying the best possible health & physical fitness. If you’re unwell, fatigued or stressed you’re more expected to experience altitude sickness.
  • Don’t rush; take it easy on the trail &at the camp. You’ll get tired of your guide asking you to Pole, Pole, but they’re right! If you overdo it you’re likely to pay for it afterward.
  • Drink as much fluid as possible – Waking up in the middle of the night is definitely a horrible thought, but acute mountain sickness dehydrates you & the better you hydrate yourself the faster your body will be able to acclimatize. However, you must avoid all sorts of alcohol to better cope yourself with the altitude sickness. Day Tour to Mount Kilimanjaro can be a iconic one with the snow capped mountain infront of you, you forget any negative feeling you have due to sickness..
  • Have a balanced diet. Even though you may not sense like it you must eat as much as you can at every meal. This’ll offer you much-needed energy & obliviously give you a great feeling. Many people also find it helpful to keep themselves warm & sleep well at night.
  • Sleep well! No doubt, sleeping inside a tent need some skills. Therefore, you can practice spending a few nights in a tent &a sleeping bag before your actual climb. By doing so you will actually acquaint yourself with sleeping in a sleeping bag on a stiff surface.
  • Relax & think positive. Although not pleasing most of the people experience only gentle altitude sickness (like a hangover). Don’t assume that every a headache is cerebral edema& every a coughpulmonaryedema as this’s most unlikely. By relaxing & enjoying the trek you’re far more expected to have a problem-free experience.


Now you know how to cope with the altitude sickness, its time to choose a tour operator who can make your day tour to Mount Kilimanjaro a memorable one. And who can better serve you than Sunset African Safaris. We have a good reputation for helping clients to make the peak most of the time. If you want to achieve so, then get in touch with us now!

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