Your Mount Kilimanjaro trekking may be just around the corner or months down the line, but it is never too early to start getting prepared. We could provide all sorts of tips right from which trekking boots to purchase to which songs to download (because it matters), but no matter what, we would let know all of our guests to ensure they have done the following before flying on a plane to Tanzania. You must know that a day tour is for those who wish to get a taste of climbing and trekking and with Mount Kilimanjaro you feel your dream come true. Some tips for your trekking trip –


Sleep Outside In A Tent:

If you have not done this, it is really essential to do this now to mentally prepare yourself for your Mount Kilimanjaro trekking to make it a fascinating day tour experience, and get you exhilarated regarding your wild adventure in the mountain. Keep in mind that you have to spend most of your rest or sleeping time in Kilimanjaro inside a tent, so you need to adapt this habit before your trek. Once you are on the mountain, it will be tough to make changes. So, give yourself the best shot by preparing yourself in advance.

Practice the Rest Step:

It is vital for saving energy on the mountain, but it takes a while to master. Ensure you work on your rest step while you are refreshing up to move!

Hike Up & Down:

Tourists compare “downhill” with easy, but a lot of trekkers actually discover the descent to be the most demanding part of their adventure.

Even if you don’t reside close to a serious trekking trail, you can run your muscles on the stairs, treadmill, etc. And never try to push yourself too fast, because slowly and steadily you can accomplish the summit of Kilimanjaro. On your day trip for Mount Kilimanjaro trekking you need to know the route guidelines to make it a memorable life time adventure


Put on all of your gears:

Fill out your water bottles and put everything into your day pack that you would require on the mountain. Not just is it essential to train your body to what you will be actually doing on the mountain, it is also essential to check your gear before you go; it is easy to buy a better fitting pair of trekking pants or different types of socks prior to you go. But not so much once you are on the mountain.

Put on your trekking shoes as much as possible:

Trekking boots are absolutely different than your typical shoes, so you must practice wearing them before heading on a Kilimanjaro trip. If you are not acquainted with your hiking boot, you may experience a lot of excruciating blisters that might hinder your whole trek.


Last but not the least, doing all these things before your departure date won’t turn Kilimanjaro into a walk in the park, but it’ll assist you to feel prepared to take it on. Mount Kilimanjaro trekking need to be planned well in advance with your safari package. Plan a day tour of Mount Kilimanjaro with Sunset African Safari and make it an experience to be cherished for the rest of your life. For any help, do reach us on +255 784 355 651.

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